hup holland hup

♫ …Let no despair betray you, My subjects true and good. The Lord will surely stay

you Though now you are pursued….♪


yoda loves the orange vending machines

exhilaration dag


yoda says: thank you father for putting up with all one’s excentricities and taking care of my two felines even though you’re alergic! I will be  sending some Zyrtec soon. ♥

Watching the football game

Yoda has succumbed to the orange craze and he is quite glad that this year he will be cheerleading for two teams.

Music from the Canal

yet another holiday in Amsterdam! Which means more boats on the canals (That’s Yoda’s barometer for holidays around here, besides SPAR being closed). Yoda was crossing Amstel when suddenly music came from bellow. It was delightful!

Show me the Data, Yoda met Manuel Lima

Glorious day!