I got this McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Star Wars Yoda during one of the first meals I had when I arrived in Amsterdam last year somewhere around late August 09.

It has this addictive feature like an eight ball: you make a question to yourself and then you shake it and see what the answer is. It had its 5 minutes of attention and then it was relegated to the shelf of my living room. Until some friends came to visit and start to play with it, when they left longing already for Amsterdam, they said: “now you have to do like Amélie Poulain and take a picture of it everywhere you go” and that’s pretty much what I have been doing since they left.

I am a former project manager in web related projects, now I’m enjoying a gap year at Amsterdam and I’m really looking forward to the beginning of the 2nd semester Info Viz classes at UVA.


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